Vellíðan barna er okkar hjartans mál

Frankfurt Book Fair 2019

ORAN og GUTAN series for ages 0-4

#Baby books for minimalists

#Books for nurturing a secure parent-child relationship

Books are created by Hiroe Terada, Ph.D. (early childhood development and education), to nurture a parent-child connection and young children's social-emotional development.

There is no way to the perfect parenthood/childcare!
The perfect parenthood/childcare is a never-ending journey of understanding each other.
Every challenge gives a parent/caretaker an opportunity to build a stronger connection with the child.  
Start your journey with your child by reading ORAN & GUTAN SERIES!

It is about the time for a new kind of baby books!
Why few baby books have emotionally charged stories? It is because babies and toddlers were considered to have little understanding of the other’s emotions and thoughts for a long time.
However, research in  early childhood development in the last few decades
has shown that young children understand the other’s mind much more than we once thought.
Enjoy experiencing all kinds of emotions with your child by reading ORAN & GUTAN SERIES!   

No colors for a reason!
ORAN & GUTAN Serieis  are printed in black & white because babies can see high-contrast items better.

Links to the sample books in English. More books will be added to this series in the coming years.